Charlottenbogen current

22. Mar

From the roof over the scaffolding into the Charlottenbogen

Olaf Jäckel smiles and waves me in so invitingly that I immediately feel welcome in this uppermost of the stacked containers, the builder's office. And this despite the fact that he is still sitting in a meeting. more …
19. Jan

Two forward and one sideways.

Whoever comes to Arno Nickel plays chess. Or would like to learn. Or has discovered the store in passing and thinks to himself "Ah! A whole store just for … Exactly. Here at 28 Sophie-Charlotten-Strasse, there's an entire store dedicated just to this one game. But after all, it's not just any game, it's the most royal of all … more …
03. Jan

Come, I'll show you your new home.

Soon, soon … the Charlottenbogen will be ready. It's time to start thinking about the furnishings. At least in part, because soon the kitchens can be measured. Do you already have an idea of what yours should look like? more …
15. Oct

At the top left were the Beatles …

He is possibly one of the last of his kind, but in any case he was one of the first … And it's not long before he's gone: Platten Pedro with his first Berlin store for second-hand vinyl in Charlottenburg. Farewell visit to a one-of-a-kind.

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23. Jun

The master of flowers

Many people can sell flowers. Flower design, as Karsten Flöter makes it - for this you need an eye and passion.

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16. Mar

On the rooftops of Charlottenburg

If you want to reach high, you have to start at the bottom. For master roofer Sven Meissner, not just a daily walk, but a way of life. A visit to the Charlottenbogen construction site - this time where it gets windy.

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11. Feb

From the neighborhood to the world – by bike

About South African bicycle tours, about the love of bicycles and the annoying problem of bicycle theft. The bicycle store "Velophil" is anchored in the neighborhood, but has long been known throughout Berlin.

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08. Jan

A bus against the cold

Night after night they are out on the streets of Berlin saving lives - the teams from the Berlin City Mission's cold bus. I once needed their help too.

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24. Nov

Preferably beige

What should the bathroom look like when it is finished? Imagining this in your mind is one thing. To see it in real life is something completely different. The Bad Atelier makes it possible. A visit.

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01. Nov

Let water flow

Everything begins in the cellar. Pipes run along the ceilings, like the rides on a roller coaster, turn here, jump out of the ceiling there and disappear further back into the wall or lead upwards. Sometimes they are thick, sometimes thin. But what looks like a big mess at first glance turns out to be a precisely planned pipe system at second glance.

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26. Oct

Behind the socket

The electricity comes from the socket. But how does the electricity get into the socket? On the road with the guys who make the houses shine.

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24. Sep

Enough dreaming …

We give your visions solid ground. Look how our wonderful neighbourhood is developing - can you feel the anticipation growing as well? Your place in Berlin, where will it be? Will you stay on the ground, very close to the Spree, with your own garden and a view of the playground? Or will you be drawn to lofty heights, need a view, wind around your nose and at least the roof terrace? Everything is possible in the Charlottenbogen and many other things are more.

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23. Sep

The stain must be removed

This launderette is a launderette like no other. Chandeliers on the ceilings and gold wallpaper on the walls, statues of the Virgin Mary inviting you to pray, cappuccino, cake and newspaper, plus help with washing problems, a sympathetic ear for worries and a famous actor who owns the shop.

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24. Aug

Precise work

Architects do a lot: From the big vision to the exact planning. In the Charlottenbogen building project, they shared this task. Some architects are the abstract visionaries. They made the big impact, implemented their ideas of a house. Lots of light, lots of space, lots of height, open courtyard for a complex in the middle of Berlin and in the middle of the Spree. They dare to see and design a house in its urban environment.

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28. Jul

We'll build the apartment …

We have designed more than 40 different floor plans in total to offer you the greatest possible freedom of design. Well thought-out room layouts, 2.80-metre high ceilings, generous window areas, underfloor heating and at least one possibility of living "outside" in each apartment - we build all this as a basis for you …

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22. Jul

The scaffolding acrobats

Tough guys, lots of sweat, a team. The scaffolders from the Charlottenburg Arch. An insight. Nothing works without them. Let me get this straight. Welcome to the scaffolders, the tough guys from construction.

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15. Jul

The woman and the ice cream

Selling ice cream in summer, writing crime thriller books in winter - that's how Marion Schmid's life is structured. Her perpetrators are freezing cold, so is her organic ice cream. Visiting an ice cream parlour that keeps the neighbourhood together.

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26. Jun

Take a dog for a walk

Dogs have to get out, people have to get out, but where can you do the most beautiful and relaxed laps around the new Quartier Charlottenbogen?

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20. Apr

I've been checking out your neighborhood.

A visit to Dr. Michael Bernhardt. A dentist, as he should be. 35 years. A whole working life. That's how long Dr. Michael Bernhardt has been here. He started out as a lone fighter, took out a loan, turned a 3-room apartment into a dental practice

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25. Mar

Kiez Kulinare

In the Charlottenbogen-Kiez you can eat around the world - from Asia to Latin America, to Europe, to Arabia. Restaurants nestle up against burger shops, squeeze in next to snacks. Once counted, there are currently exactly 20 possibilities to get something warm and tasty on your plate …

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29. Jan
Startpunkt: Hauptbahnhof Berlin

Next station main station

From the future Quartier Charlottenbogen it takes only 14 minutes to the central station or 11 minutes to the zoo. A test drive past exciting Berlin places, with a typical Berlin bus driver as chauffeur and an old lady who has not forgotten how to flirt.

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10. Jan

A stone like no other

Once future and back - the laying of the foundation stone in the Quartier Charlottenbogen is about pride, about the Berlin mix and the people who will soon be living here.

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21. Nov

Modern, sophisticated and a lot of work

What's going on here. The construction site Charlottenbogen looks like the perfectly rehearsed choreography of a musical. Everything happens exactly at the right time at the right place with the right people.

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08. Nov
Kranfahrer Frank

Above the roofs … the view must be boundless!

Today we are visiting crane driver Frank. 50 meters above the surface of the earth and thus above most roofs of Berlin. Insights into the life of a crane driver, without whom little would run on the construction site.

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12. Sep

Your place under the silver maple

In the book canteen you can buy books and drink coffee. In between there are children, pensioners and business people. A visit to a peaceful but lively place - cozy and at the same time completely digitalized.

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05. Sep

On these piles you can build

Before a house is built, the ground must be secure. 799 stakes secure the Charlottenbogen. Concrete and steel. 14 meters deep. A visit to the construction site.

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16. Jul
Jens Rodenbusch vor der Werkstatt

A house is built from nothing

In the "Studio Charlottenbogen" you can see what the new Charlottenbogen buildings will look like one day. But finding out exactly how you want your new home to look is not so easy. Jens Rodenbusch, the wish maker, helps you with this.

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05. Jun

Sour tastes good

Without exaggeration: Here you can get the best bread you can buy within walking distance. A visit to the Domberger Brot-Werk.

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31. May
Hubertus Apotheke

More than a pharmacy

To supply the residents of the neighborhood is only one thing, almost the whole of Berlin depends on this pharmacy.  

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29. Apr


In the Frischeparadies ("freshness paradise") there is everything you need. Above all, however, many exquisite things. A visit to the neighborhood.

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26. Apr

The construction site

Was auf der Charlottenbogen-Baustelle passiert und warum – ein kleiner Einblick in ein großes Projekt.

Auf so einer Baustelle muss unfassbar viel koordiniert, abgesprochen und vorbereitet werden. Ganz zu Anfang zum Beispiel, bevor überhaupt irgendetwas passiert, müssen sie prüfen, ob sich im Boden noch …

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