Some call it a flat.
We call it a home.
To your new home
Some call it
We call it pure joy.
To your new home
Playgrounds. Nature, close to the city.
Honestly ... sometimes we find it hard to believe.
To your new home

Your life.
Your apartment.

Make your new home as unique as you are. 

Unverbindliche Visualisierung

Rebekka Weinmann und Sascha Gebauer

Your town. Your neighborhood.

Here you will find your new home – this is where your life at the river begins.

Your life.
Your apartment. 

Our architects have come up with over 40 different floor plans. We bet your apartment is right there. 

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24. Nov

Preferably beige

What should the bathroom look like when it is finished? Imagining this in your mind is one thing. To see it in real life is something completely different. The Bad Atelier makes it possible. A visit.

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01. Nov

Let water flow

Everything begins in the cellar. Pipes run along the ceilings, like the rides on a roller coaster, turn here, jump out of the ceiling there and disappear further back into the wall or lead upwards. Sometimes they are thick, sometimes thin. But what looks like a big mess at first glance turns out to be a precisely planned pipe system at second glance.

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26. Oct

Behind the socket

The electricity comes from the socket. But how does the electricity get into the socket? On the road with the guys who make the houses shine.

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