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Perfectly organised and accompanied

Once you have decided on a flat, you are already a big step closer to your new home. But this does not mean that all decisions have been made. And there is still a lot to do for the purchase procedure. We would like everything to go smoothly for you and would like to provide you with the best possible care and support.

Because under the menu item “Personal Area” here on our website you will find a comprehensive customer portal. There you will find everything that is important, helpful or worth knowing in connection with the purchase of your dream flat: plans, building descriptions, notarial documents, our correspondence and a schedule of appointments. A detailed checklist helps you to be well prepared and not to lose sight of anything.

Of course you can still come to the workshop for a personal discussion if you wish. As round-the-clock support, however, your personal area is also available to you. As soon as you have registered there, we can continue to work together personally via this platform without you having to come by. It goes without saying that it is completely confidential: because it is of course a protected area.

Personal data

You haven’t decided yet? Do you want to see floor plans first? Well, then even more so: Under “Personal data” you will find a whole range of criteria listed that are relevant to the various types of flats and differ from each other. On which floor do you want to live, how big should the flat be, do you need sun in the morning or do you prefer to live in the evening? View of the Spree, bathtub, extra storage space …? Here you can tell us your preferences and wishes and we will introduce you to suitable flats. You can mark what you like or make a non-binding reservation.

My Apartment

As soon as you have really decided on a apartment will find all information about this flat in the sidebar. You can download our furnishing catalogue, make your choice and upload it to us filled out. We will then provide you with the building specifications and all plans of your flat as well as all notarial documents (e.g. declaration of partition and information on building charges).In the section Financing /Kfw55 we introduce you to our financing partner. We will note all dates in our diary and stay in touch with you via messages.


How quickly you might have missed something … To prevent this from happening and to give you a complete overview, we have compiled all the important points and you only need to work through them: Have you checked and signed the electrical plan? Have you selected the parquet flooring? Also the laying direction? Has the reservation confirmation from the Charlottenbogen already been received? – What has been completed is marked with a green tick. Everything you still have to take care of is clearly marked in red. So you can’t miss anything.

Information and insights

We really want no questions left unanswered. Therefore we have thought about many possible questions and collected answers. You can find all of them in the “Info and Insights” section: These include, for example, the possibility of changing the floor plan or whether the cellar can be heated, as well as the KfW55 Standard, the water quality of the Spree or where the nearest DHL packing station is located.

You can follow the current status of the construction work at any time via the construction site camera. You can also download all previous photo reports here.

More insight is hardly possible, is it? Have you become curious? Then click right over – top right, personal area. This is yours.

My name is Sonja, I'm part of the Charlottenbogen team and I'm here to write reports about your new neighborhood.